Value engineering is the analysis of construction means and methods and their alternatives to determine the most cost effective course of action to achieve the desired level of quality in the appropriate time frame for the project.

During the project’s design process, Decatur Wilkie, Inc.’s value engineering provides the design team with the necessary information and feedback to keep it focused on attaining the overall design intent within the constraints of construction budget and schedule. Value engineering is most effective as a team effort: owner, architect, consultants, general contractor, subcontractors and suppliers.

We view value engineering as an important and continuous process throughout the life of the project. During Schematic and Design Development phases we provide estimates, analysis, recommendations and feedback on specific alternatives as requested by the Owner or Architect, as well as soliciting alternatives from subcontractors and material suppliers. We continue to perform “background” value engineering during the construction phase as we progress with buy out of the job and make commitments with subcontractors and suppliers.

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Decatur Wilkie, Inc. has continually focused on excelling at preconstruction services as well as impeccable construction execution. The essentials of successful preconstruction services are; cost estimating, constructability analysis, value engineering, scheduling, and administrative…


The keys to a successful project are proper management, a collaborative approach, clear and frequent communication, and supporting systems and documentation. With our standardized systems, policies and procedures firmly in place we can insure quality, budget and schedule control…