Decatur Wilkie, Inc. has continually focused on excelling at preconstruction services as well as impeccable construction execution.

The essentials of successful preconstruction services are; cost estimating, constructability analysis, value engineering, scheduling, and administrative. Our staff’s extensive architecture and design training and experience particularly suit them for preconstruction services. The typical results of these services are a maximized project program, a realistic budget, and a pragmatic schedule that then must be realized in the construction of the project. In order to ensure the preconstruction results do flow effectively into the project’s construction we transition our key preconstruction personnel into the construction team.

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The keys to a successful project are proper management, a collaborative approach, clear and frequent communication, and supporting systems and documentation. With our standardized systems, policies and procedures firmly in place we can insure quality, budget and schedule control…


Value engineering is the analysis of construction means and methods and their alternatives to determine the most cost effective course of action to achieve the desired level of quality in the appropriate time frame for the project…