Allyson Decatur



After graduation from Georgia Tech, Allyson spent a brief time creating Global Peace Containers a company built around the premise of building structures out of shipping containers for third countries and disaster relief areas. After that, Allyson began building custom, luxury  homes and commercial projects in Santa Barbara/ Montecito (CA), Kona, HI and Paradise Valley/ Scottsdale (AZ).

Her passion for building luxury homes and high-tech commercial projects runs deep. Every project is unique and a true work of art at every step along the way. She loves seeing a plan come to life in end product of an amazing home. The best part are the relationships created during the construction process, from the owner to the architect, subs, consultants etc throughout the process and celebrating our labor of love along the way.

Aside from her love of construction, Allyson enjoys giving back to the community and spending time with her son and daughter.

Jack Wilkie, Owner and President



Jack Wilkie, passionate about woodworking since childhood, formed the company in 1974. This passion provided the framework for the company to promote Jack’s dedication for quality craftsmanship and high-end construction.

For over 40 years Jack has strived to preserve his reputation as a general contractor, providing clients with an outstanding construction process that is cost-effective and maintains the highest level of integrity and quality.

Jack is committed to providing clients with a personal experience during the construction of their dream home or commercial project. This is accomplished through assembling an experienced and talented team that continues to foster his philosophy and augment the JWB (now Decatur Wilkie, Inc.) reputation.

About Jack Wilkie Builder


Formed in 1974 by our namesake, Jack Wilkie, our company was built and is operating on the guiding principles of quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and fostering lifelong relationships with our clients and design partners.

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Strong Team Philosophy


The team concept at Decatur Wilkie, Inc. involves each member in the process—from the owner and architect, to the grassroots craftsman. As a result, Decatur Wilkie, Inc. has been able to maintain close, long-standing relationships.

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Project Team


At Decatur Wilkie, Inc. each project has a highly experienced,designated team to support every phase of its execution.

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